Automotive Batteries is the crucial feature of any automobile either it is a car or heavy vehicle. Your car battery must be working fine in any weather. The durability of your car battery is essential for your car components. Datex is the battery of your need, no matter which vehicle you are driving. We stock the inventory for all makes & models. The car battery provides massive power to the car components. A good quality battery is essential for electrical components of your car. Using an average quality battery would be harmful to the internal components of the vehicle.

Datex Batteries is one of the best automotive batteries in the UAE domestic market. Suppose you are a retailer or wholesaler of automotive batteries, this brand would prove a significant change in your business.

We are always updated with the new demands of the market and regularly improving our quality. You are searching for the best quality car battery, this is the brand you must have in your car. Our team is always upgraded with new seasonal offers and deals to provide our customers with maximum benefit. The pricing of Datex batteries is quite competitive as per the local market standards.